Opportunities for Service

Our Vision: Galatians 5:13b states, through love serve one another. We have the beautiful example of our Lord in John 13 as He washed the dirty, smelly feet of the twelve disciples. Believers are to be involved in ministries that serve others in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

  • Church Newsletter: This bimonthly newsletter keeps the church family abreast of events in the church. It also helps the family get to know a new family in the church and serves to keep practical biblical teaching and vision in front of Gods people.

  • Practical Opportunities: Some of our practical opportunities for service include changing the church sign, communion preparation, outreach ministries to our shut-ins, nursery ministry, and changing light bulbs. For more information, please call the church office.

    Deaconness Ministries

  • Deacon & Deaconness Ministries: Our deacons perform practical acts of service  through helping care for our church building as well as meeting special needs in our church family. Our deaconesses attend to the needs of the church family through preparing meals, visiting the sick, helping with meals for funerals and weddings, and many other areas.

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